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Dongguan Humen Xijiekai victoriousness Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. 
Address: Guangdong province Dongguan city Humen Town Industrial Zone gate 
Telephone: 0769-81618126 
Fax: 0769-81618126 
Contact: Miss Liu /13713136615 
Technical advice: 18929206351/13556695686 
Sales advisory: 13713136615 
Home: www.dgxjk.com 
Xijiekai international station: http://xjk.en.alibaba.com 
Mailbox: anna@dgxjk.com 
Specializing in the production of generator speed control board, AVR board, and board, control board and other products.


Dongguan Humen Qijiekai Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. in 2006, China's embedded products grew rapidly, Qijiekai Electronics Technology was born in this red age. The company is located in Dongguan, an economically developed world manufacturing base. With the support of the government and the help of other companies, our company has many innovative products with advanced technology in the field of distribution automation control. It is one of the earliest experts in Southeast Asia devoted to generator and power system equipment.

The Factory integrates the production, sale and maintenance of generator governor, voltage regulator, synchronous control board, grid-connected cabinet controller, generator power factor controller, generator unit controller of diesel engine and gasoline engine, as well as various generators and distribution instruments. The products are sold all over the world, and undertake the maintenance of generators and networking and cabinet engineering.

In 2010, our company introduced advanced computer control technology from abroad. All speed governors (also known as speed governors) are digital ones controlled by software, which completely eliminated analog speed governors controlled by electronics. Therefore, the accuracy, consistency, reliability and economy of the products have been greatly improved, and its convenient and simple adjustment characteristics make users feel more convenient.

Our company strives to exceed customer expectations in honesty, trustworthiness, product and service quality. Our company is willing to provide customers with high quality products and dedicated services with professional design technology, advanced manufacturing technology and striving to improve the quality of service.

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